Fast Start Bonus

Make Sure You Get Your Bonus:

YoungLiving pays a Word of Mouth Advertising Bonus
If you have introduced someone to YoungLiving in the last 3 months
you are eligible for a Fast Start Bonus.

A Bonus paid in addition to all other commissions and bonuses.

This bonus has two parts:
1) You earn 25% on your newly enrolled Distributor’s first three months’ PV
(with a maximum payout amount of $200 per enrollee per month)

2) Should that new Distributor enroll a new Distributor,
you earn 10% of that new Member’s PV for their first three months.

See below a great video that explains the Fast Start bonus


About Amanda Montgomery

Well a little about me.. I have a wonderful family, with a beautiful little girl who is 1 and a charming son who is 6. Both have helped fill my heart with joy. They have helped show me how time passes so quickly. So I try to live a healthy life. I have been using Young Living Essential Oils since 2004. Within the last year I've dedicated my self to improving my health using these oils. My husband and children have both joined me in this journey. My kids love the oils and the Ningxia Red Juice. Other than my love for my family and Young Living, I also love swimming. I grew up in the pool doing synchronized Swimming. I also love photography, I occasionally dabble in amateur photography. I mostly take pictures of my kids, nature, and my pets. I find it exciting, the different pictures you can take when you just change your angle or setting on your camera. I also love to create many different things, either behind my camera, with a paint brush, or even with a hammer, nails and wood.
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