Why Join Young Living

Hello everyone.

My name is Amanda, and I am part of the Young Living family.  I am a stay at home mom to two wonderful children on is 6 and the other is 1.

If you are ready to improve your health, your income, and enjoy more freedom. I highly recommend Young Living. Here is why.

Young Living has been around for 20 years. We are currently doing business in nearly every nation. Last year alone it has tripled in Canada. We have one of the highest client loyalty rates in the industry, and because our clients are so satisfied with us, they actually refer business to young living.

We were founded by Gary Young, a man of passion and integrity, and together with his wife Mary, they are continually blazing new and exciting trials all over the world.

The rising trend is healthcare. How many people do you know that have health problems?  With the aging baby boomer generation, comes increasingly inflated healthcare costs, as well as the risk associated with modern medicine. More and more people than ever before are looking to achieve optimal health the natural way. Studies show that we spend over 100 billion dollars annually on products to help prevent illness, have more energy, live longer, lose weight and look and feel younger. If you aren’t concerned with these issues I bet you know someone who is. The wellness industry is projected to double in the next 10 years. Again the trend is prevention, and we are on the cutting edge with our product.

We have something for everyone. We have several high quality product that help people achieve the results they’re looking for. One of our foundation products is Ningxia Red. Containing the Ningxia wolfberry, the secret weapon of the Chinese Olympic team. Young Living has exclusive rights for the Ningxia wolfberry, and just one Oz of Ningxia Red is equivalent to 4 pounds of carrots or 8 oranges in terms of antioxidant nutritional value! Another thing – everything that Young Living has to offer from the Ningxia Red to the Core Essential Complete products to natural personal care products, is enriched with pure essential Oils.  And essential oils not only smell good, but because they contain immune compounds from the plant, they have a powerful impact on the body! Young Living oils are therapeutic grade, unlike the ones you find in a health food store. Many of Young Living products Young Living products ingredients are approved for internal use!

The best way to describe our product is not with facts, but with results. I have seen a lot of people with great results, even amazing results. At first they seemed hard to believe, but now that I have actually seen and felt the amazing work that Young living products can do, I think anything is possible.

One of the many secrets to our success in this business is focusing on helping others to achieve the health or income they are looking for, and Young Living richly rewards those who do so!

You can use easily sign up with Young Living as a retail customer, or a wholesale customer, both have great benefits and both are FREE (in Canada). You have no monthly commitment, so you aren’t obligated to buy something every month to keep your wholesale account. Young Living does have some great starter kits that will send you in the right direction for using your oils.

My Young Living number is 794728


Keep Calm with Essential Oils


About Amanda Montgomery

Well a little about me.. I have a wonderful family, with a beautiful little girl who is 1 and a charming son who is 6. Both have helped fill my heart with joy. They have helped show me how time passes so quickly. So I try to live a healthy life. I have been using Young Living Essential Oils since 2004. Within the last year I've dedicated my self to improving my health using these oils. My husband and children have both joined me in this journey. My kids love the oils and the Ningxia Red Juice. Other than my love for my family and Young Living, I also love swimming. I grew up in the pool doing synchronized Swimming. I also love photography, I occasionally dabble in amateur photography. I mostly take pictures of my kids, nature, and my pets. I find it exciting, the different pictures you can take when you just change your angle or setting on your camera. I also love to create many different things, either behind my camera, with a paint brush, or even with a hammer, nails and wood.
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